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Your program is without a doubt incredible. I was skeptical about purchasing MindCastr as I doubted whether it would actually work for me. I have received an ocean of motivation and drive, my family can't believe that I have finally gotten rid of my anxiety, started my own business and finally taking action.

- - March 2016


So this program has been running on my computer for a few years now and something amazing happened, not only have I achieved everything on my vision board... but my wife who has also been using my computer has achieved some of my goals!

She doesn't even know what MindCastr is, when I told Amy(my wife) what had happened she was stunned, her response was "That's why I'v been feeling so good lately!".

I still can't believe the results and I can't wait to see what happens next, thank you!

- - March 2016


I love MindCastr! I have noticed a shift in my income as of today and since I started using MindCastr I feel like I'v been injected with love and a strong burning desire, thank you so much this is exactly what I needed in my life.

- - March 2016


I use MindCastr every day, and can see myself opening up to new opportunities daily. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve any area of their lives.

- - March 2016


MindCastr came along at a very important time for me, Thanks so much!

- - March 2016


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the vision board concept! Mindcastr lifted my spirits and dissolved my fears and anxiety, couldn't ask for anything better.

- - March 2016


Think of it like a way accessing the powers of your mind to achieve your Goals by simply filling in your Vision Board and pressing Play.


MindCastr is a tool for your mind created to give you control over your own life, simply fill your vision board with what you want to Be, Do and Have in your life, Press Play and Mindcastr will reprogram your subconscious mind by flashing Subliminal Messages on your screen while you work on your computer. This technology is used by celebrities such as Tonny Robbins, Steven Spellberg, Tiger woods, Deepak chopra and many more.


Enhance Concentration & Memory
Boost Self Esteem
Enhance Skills
Control Your Emotions
Boost Creativity
Make the Law Of Attraction Work
Get a Millionaires Mindset
and much more.


Brilliant minds like Tony Robbins, Steven Spielberg and Tiger Woods use this exact technology for their own personal development.

Watch this short video proving the power of Subliminal Messages


The U.S. Government banned them on TV and radio in 1974, Yet its potential as a revolutionary self-help tool was soon realized. The power to send self-improvement commands direct to the subconscious mind was suddenly available to the masses.
TIME Magazine reported in 1979 that nearly 50 department stores in the U.S. and Canada had been using subliminal messages over their music systems which had resulted in a significant reduction in both customer based shoplifting and employee theft. One East Coast chain amounted savings of $600,000 over a nine-month period!
The most famous experiment in subliminal messaging history was conducted by pioneer Dr. James Vicary, who flashed the words "I want popcorn" and "Drink more coke" in front of a movie audience for just 100 milliseconds. Nobody officially "saw" the messages they were below the threshold of consciousness yet popcorn sales shot up 57.8% and coke sales increased 18.1%.

"The results have been tremendous! My sales are second highest in the region. I have quadrupled my income. There are no words to describe how amazing this feels. This program validates everything I read about the potential of the mind as once you unlock the subconscious, anything is possible.

Thanks again for sharing this program with me!"

Melbourne, Australia

"I found my Dream Man and got married to him at my dream wedding exactly as I set it up on my MindCastr, now I am chasing my dream job.

After I started seeing these unrealistic changes in my life, I have set up MindCastr on every computer in the house!


"I'm sending this email with the intention of showing my utmost grattitude towards the creators of MindCastr, I run an advertising agency so I know exactly what subliminal messages are capable of hence why we disaprove with subliminal messages that are embeded in advertising as it is a form of manipulation.

But harnessing these methods for your own benefit is absolutely INGENIOUS, i'm always working on the computer and this program has amplified my creativity, MindCastr is installed on every computer in the office and something incredible has happened, we have increased yearly profits by almost five-fold within a year.

As having a Masters Degree in Psychology and working in Advertising for 15 years this technology definately has my approval.

Feel free to illustrate my email on your website."

Tuebingen, Germany


The CIA discovered that the subconscious mind was very suggestible - via subliminal messaging.

Soon, advertisers tried to capitalize on this technique by sneaking sales messages in "below the radar." Subliminal advertising was quickly banned in the US and around the world. But this powerful tool, now enhanced by the unique combination of words and images, is legal and safe for individuals to use to tap into the hidden talents and creativity harbored in the subconscious.

Simply by selecting the categories of messages and images on MindCastr, you can start to improve your ability to concentrate, enhance your memory, attain a millionaires mindset, make the Law of Attraction work with you instead of against you and practically anything you add to your vision board will program your mind.

In fact, the goals you can achieve and the changes you can create within yourslef are literally limitless.

I understand that MindCastr 2 (mc2) is backed by a full 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and that if I'm unhappy with it for any reason I can simply shoot an email within 60 Days for a full refund, no questions asked and I understand that the additional feature on mc2 costs $47 ONLY if I decide to remain a member.

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